Design your Destiny.
Choose the right Career

Chinese Astrology has been around for more than thousands years. We can decode and show you the person's life and its destiny

Promotion @ work

Why are you promoted so slow after 10 yr but other become a manager in just 1 year?

Construction Work

Why can't you win a work tender after so much hard work, but, your friend always awarded with so many contracts?

Food Kiosks

Why my food kiosk is not making profit?

Worse becomes good .

It is not religious or superstitious to know your destiny from your Bazi (date of birth)

Bazi (八 字) is the time and date of birth in Chinese. It tells us the secrets about our life in an unique personalities and possibilities. We can decode the Bazi and reveal the career path for you and improve your life.

Changing your career/business from different industry can be time consuming and financially burden before you eventually find the right career or business.

Decoding your Bazi can find out your career and the most rewarding business.

Decode your Bazi now


Choose the right course and start in the right industry.

Each Destiny drives from a Bazi is unique. It is important to study the right course so that you can start the right industry from the beginning to gain your experience.